SOS Children's Village Hohenau

SOS Children's Village Hohenau is situated in a jungle area, which is gradually being settled. The nearest city is Encarnación at a distance of 36 km; Asunción, the country's capital, is about 400 km away.

The SOS Children's Village consists of 16 family houses, where up to 144 children can find a new home, the village director's house and an administration and service area. In addition, there is a 50-acre farm, where youngsters from the SOS Children's Village learn how to grow corn, sugar cane and manioc, and how to breed cattle.

At the SOS Medical Centre, which is run as mother-and-child clinic, up to 95 patients can be treated per day. The centre consists of six examination rooms and has forty beds for adult patients as well as fourteen beds for infants. Apart from that, there is a laboratory, a pharmacy, a delivery room, an operating theatre for minor surgery, a dentist's office, an x-ray and ultrasound lab, and a ward with six incubators for prematurely born babies.

Youngsters from the SOS Children's Village who are doing higher education or vocational training share eight flats in the city of Encarnación. Moving to an SOS Youth Facility is usually the first step towards an independent life outside the SOS Children's Village.