SOS Children's Village Panambí

SOS Children's Village Panambí was built especially for mentally and physically challenged children.

It is situated right next to SOS Children's Village San Igancio and SOS Medical Centre San Ignacio, which is run as mother-and-child clinic. San Ignacio is a small town about 225 km south of the country's capital, Asunción.

SOS Children's Village Panambí consists of eight family homes for up to 40 children, the village director's house, a house for the so-called SOS aunts (SOS mother trainees or family helpers who support the SOS mothers in their daily work or fill in for them when they are ill or on leave), an administration building, a library open to the public, and a rehabilitation area.

Since SOS Children's Village Panambí is situated next to SOS Children's Village San Ignacio and its clinic, the children not only have access to extensive medical care but can also play and mingle with healthy children. From now on, more and more healthy children will become part of the families at SOS Children's Village Panambí.

On the village site, there is also an SOS Vocational Training Centre, where up to 35 girls are trained to become nurses. The centre consists of three classrooms and a laboratory. It is a boarding school with two houses for accommodation of students from far away.