SOS Children's Village Hinterbrühl

The SOS Children's Village of Hinterbrühl is situated in the Vienna Woods, south of Vienna, and was founded in the year 1956. Today, this SOS Children's Village with its 24 SOS-families is the largest in Europe and is considered a model for SOS Children's Villages all over the world. Besides the family houses and auxiliary buildings, there is a kindergarten, a music school, a SOS Youth Facility and a SOS Girls' Residence. The first mothers are now retired and live in the specially constructed SOS Home for Retired Mothers. They are now grannies and remain in close touch with life at the SOS Children's Village. 

In 1962, a psycho-therapeutic clinic was set up for all those children, who have been exposed to such severe psychological strain, that they cannot be integrated straight away into a normal SOS Children's Village family without receiving special care beforehand. Children from all Austrian SOS Children's Villages are treated here.