SOS Children's Village Pinkafeld

The SOS Children's Village of Pinkafeld, in the province of Burgenland, was founded in 1962. Surrounded by fruit-trees, it is situated on a hill on the outskirts of Pinkafeld. The children attend the local schools. Nearby are several secondary schools, vocational training colleges, technical colleges and a number of small firms. 

The SOS Children's Village consists of 13 family houses. Besides the family houses there is a Community Centre, a Village Director's House and a kindergarten, where children of the surroundings are also looked after. The teenagers live at the SOS Youth Facility which is situated near the SOS Children's Village. A few years ago, a Home for Retired Mothers was also established at the SOS Children's Village where retired SOS mothers enjoy their retirement without losing touch with life at the SOS Children's Village.