SOS Children's Village Bogra

Bangladeshi girl on her way to schoolSOS Children's Village Bogra is situated about 225 km to the west of Dhaka and 8 km to the north of Bogra. The historically famous site of Mahastangarh is in the hills nearby. Mahastangarh is the oldest archaeological site in Bangladesh. It dates back to the third century BC and is held to be of great sanctity by the Hindus. The area is rather rural; people of the local community live mainly on agriculture.

Construction of the family houses and various ancillary buildings was completed by the beginning of 1995. SOS Children's Village Bogra consists of ten family houses, the village director's house, an aunts' (family helpers') house, a communal building and an administration and service area. Apart from the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, there is an SOS Social Centre, an SOS Kindergarten and a sports field.

The SOS Hermann Gmeiner School consists of 7 classrooms for the primary school and 12 classrooms for the secondary school. It was opened in 1996 and has a capacity of up to 580 pupils. The SOS Social Centre includes a day-care centre, which is also open to the children of working mothers from the local community. In addition to that, it offers health counselling, training workshops, community support and family-strengthening programmes designed to ensure that children have access to essential services such as adequate nutrition, health services, and education, while their families are taught parenting skills.