SOS Children's Village Khulna

Youth holding a child in Khulna, BangladeshKhulna is located in the Southeast of the country, in the Ganges Delta. It is the third largest city of Bangladesh.

SOS Children's Village Khulna is situated 2 km from the city centre, in the Gollamari area, on the main road to the harbour. It consists of 16 family houses; the official inauguration took place in 1982. Since 1987, there has been an SOS Hermann Gmeiner School including a kindergarten, a primary and secondary school for up to 402 pupils in total. This school is also attended by children from the neighbourhood, which helps the village children to integrate into society. The grown-up boys stay at the SOS Youth Facility where they prepare for their independent lives.

The SOS Social Centre at Khulna, with two rooms for medical treatment and health counselling as well as a day-care centre for children, is very important for the neighbourhood. Children from poor families are looked after during the day, which enables their mothers to go to work and to contribute to their families' income.

At weekends, the centre arranges courses on child care, hygiene, nutrition and domestic skills, such as sewing, knitting and other crafts. SOS Vocational Training Centre Bagerhat is situated about 30 km from Khulna. It includes 4 youth houses for 32 young men receiving a training in agricultural production and processing.