SOS Children's Village Serowe

Serowe, with its approximately 80,000 inhabitants, is the capital of Botswana's Central District and is an important trade and commerce centre.

It lies about 250 kilometres northeast of Gaborone. Serowe has been the main village of the Ngwato people, one of the eight principal tribes of Botswana, ever since King Khama moved there in 1902. In 1974, it inspired the South African-born writer Bessie Head's book "Serowe: Village of the Rain Wind".

Today, approximately 30,000 orphans live in the Serowe area and the number of child or granny headed families is steadily increasing. The SOS Children's Village is located on the outskirts of Serowe, in a middle class residential area. The plot of land was donated by the government of Botswana.

SOS Children's Village Serowe currently comprises five family houses, an administration block and an SOS Kindergarten.

The SOS Children's Village will be extended step by step until all facilities planned have been completed. After its completion, SOS Children's Village Serowe will offer a new home to up to 120 children. It will comprise twelve family houses, a house for the village director, staff houses, an administration and service area and a community hall.

The SOS Kindergarten on the same premises has a capacity of 100 children between two and seven years of age, who are looked after in four group rooms. A kitchen and playground also belong to the SOS Kindergarten. It is open to children both from the SOS Children's Village and from the surrounding community, which greatly assists with the integration of the SOS Children's Village.