SOS Children's Village El Jadida

SOS Children's Village El Jadida is located in the centre of the city of the same name.

El Jadida is situated on the Mediterranean coast, about 90 kilometres west of Casablanca, and has more than 140,000 inhabitants.

It is famous for its Portuguese colonial-style architecture, which dates back to the 16th century. Thanks to its architecture and its ramparts, the city of El Jadida became part of the UNESCO world heritage in June 2004.

The construction started in June 2005 and SOS Children's Village El Jadida opened its gates in July 2006.

As is the case with all other SOS Children's Villages, its main purpose is to provide long-term family based care to children in need. However, what is special about this village is its location in the middle of town.

As a result, the SOS children have easy access to all educational and cultural as well as medical facilities and are particularly well integrated into the neighbourhood.

SOS Children's Village El Jadida was constructed on a site of 0.75 hectares provided by the authorities. It consists of three two-storey buildings with four flats each, the village director's flat, an administration office and a flat for co-workers of SOS Children's Villages.

In the basement of the houses, there are different workshops and multi-purpose rooms (a therapy room for kinesiatrics, a computer room, a library, and a handicraft and art workshop). A little playground is located inside the village. At SOS Children's Village El Jadida, up to 108 children can find a new home.