SOS Children's Village Bilgoraj

Bilgoraj, a city with approximately 27,000 inhabitants, is located in the southeast of the country, near Zamosc and about 90 kilometres south of Lublin. It is a hospitable and friendly town the history of which dates back to the 16th century. The local infrastructure was greatly improved during the last few years and today, Bilgoraj has schools, hospitals, sports facilities and a university. The city is surrounded by forests and the Roztocze National Park is situated nearby. The SOS Children's Village has been generously planned: the houses are very spacious and each family owns an extensive vegetable garden. Special attractions are the colourful mosaics on the walls of the houses. The official opening took place on 31 May 1984 in the presence of Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS-Kinderdorf International.

The SOS Children's Village Bilgoraj comprises twelve family houses to take in up to 78 children, houses for the village director and the SOS aunts (who support the SOS mothers and take care of the children when the mothers are on leave) and an administration and service area. A sports field and a playground were also created.

A transit home by the name of "Winnie-the-Pooh" was set up in the thirteenth family house in 2002, offering short-term accommodation for children whose parents are no longer able to look after them. They can stay at the transit home until the authorities have decided where they are to be accommodated and cared for.