SOS Children's Village Conakry

The SOS Children's Village Conakry is located in the village of Sonfonia, some 25 km East of Conakry's centre, about 1 1/2 hours by car from the city.

The local area is to be further developed in the near future, and the government is planning to construct some housing estates in the vicinity. At present, little infrastructure exists here, and it is necessary to take the car in order to get to the schools and markets.

The SOS Children's Village comprises eleven family houses, a village director's house, a multi-purpose hall, a house for gatherings, an administrative and service unit including a small clinic, a village kitchen, a joiner's workshop and sports grounds.

The SOS Kindergarten hasbeen supporting approximately 260 children mainly from the community and the SOS Children's Village. With the system of double shift, children are divided into groups; one group comes in the morning and another one in the afternoon. The SOS Kindergarten consists of four group rooms, a Montessori-classroom, a playground, a canteen with a dining room, and an administrative and a service unit.

From about 15 years of age onwards, the SOS youth are housed in a rented SOS youth home for the period of their secondary/vocational education, giving them more responsibility as they are only supervised by one youth leader. SOS mothers, village directors and psychologists carefully prepare the youngsters for this significant step towards independence, to which roughly four years are assigned; extendable for prolonged education or job search.

Around 670 students from the community and the SOS Children's Village currently attend the SOS Hermann Gmeiner International School of Conakry which is located within the SOS Children’s Village. It includes a primary cycle of six classes (1st to 6th grade) and a secondary school of four classes (7th to 10th grade).

These two cycles work under a system of double shift. In all, 20 educational groups take turns in the school. The SOS Hermann Gmeiner International School consists of six classrooms, a room for arts and crafts lessons, a library, an administrative and service unit, and a playground.

The SOS Social Centre Conakry went operational in January 2007. It has been focusing on helping the poor population in the vicinity of the SOS Children's Village to get access to essential services e.g. adequate education, sufficient food, regular health care, professional counselling, proper hygiene, better housing, etc.

In addition, families have been supported in their endeavours to secure a stable and regular family income by organizing trainings, helping them to find jobs and conceive income generating activities. The SOS Social Centre supports approximately 525 beneficiaries at the moment.