SOS Children's Village N'Zérékoré

Although the decision to build an SOS Children's Village in N'Zérékoré was made as early as 1993, several years of delay were caused through a change in government, postponing its completion to December 2000. Ceremonial opening through Guinean President S.E. Gen. Lansana Conte's representative, the minister for fishery and fish farming, and SOS Kinderdorf International president Helmut Kutin took place on 23 September 2002.

The SOS Children's Village N'Zérékoré is located about five km outside the town, comprising thirteen family houses, a village director's house, a guest house, a playground, an administrative service unit, and a house for the so-called SOS Aunts (SOS Children’s Village mothers in training, who assist present SOS mothers in everyday jobs, and substitute them in case of illness or holidays).

Furthermore, an SOS Kindergarten with four group rooms, a kitchen, a playground and an administrative unit for a total of 159 children and a SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School are also located on the premises of the SOS Children's Village.

As education is scarce in the surrounding area, an SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary and Secondary School was added to the SOS Children's Village. It consists of four buildings, in which six classrooms, a computer room, an administrative/service unit and a kitchen are found. At the moment, 691 children get an education at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary and Secondary School.

Both, the SOS Kindergarten and the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary and Secondary School also enrol children from the local neighbourhood. The entire SOS Children's Village premises are protected by a wall, and the SOS Kindergarten and School are additionally fenced.

The SOS Social Centre, which was opened in September 2006, mainly focuses on supporting refugees and families, in particular poor families who cannot provide for the basic needs of their children. An approximate number of 475 beneficiaries are supported by the SOS Social Centre at the moment.

In December 2011, the SOS Youth Facility was opened. The facility includes a rented house with 4 bedrooms, two internal toilets, one external toilet, one lounge, one dining room, one living room, a garage and a terrace and a supplementary building with another 3 bedrooms, one internal toilet, a modern equipped well with two water tanks and has a capacity of 16 youths.