SOS Children's Village Kfarhay

SOS family in LebanonSOS Children's Village Kfarhay is located on the road connecting Batroun on the Mediterranean coast with near-by Boxmaya in the mountains. Kfarhay is approximately 60 km away from Beirut. To the SOS Children's Villages west is the historic town centre of Kfarhay, with the Mediterranean Sea right behind it. SOS Children's Village Kfarhay is lined by a green hilly country to the south and by the peaks of Mount Liban to the east.

Built in traditional style dominant in the region, SOS Children's Village Kfarhay perfectly fits into the architectural context of the surroundings. The village comprises eleven family houses, a village director's house, an aunts' house (SOS aunts temporarily take on the role of SOS mothers if needed), administrative and service areas, playground and sports ground, multi-purpose hall, open air theatre stage, workshop and a dentistry practice. Currently, SOS Children's Village Kfarhay can take in up to 100 children.

SOS staff distributing clothing to those in needIn 1998, the SOS Kindergarten also became operational. In the group room, up to 25 children from the SOS Children's Village and the neighbourhood are taken care of. The children from the SOS Children's Village may attend school either in Kfarhay or in Batroun.

SOS Children's Village Kfarhay is not only active within the village. Since it became operational, it has been active in supporting families from the neighbourhood with the goal in mind of helping the poorest among them; the widows and single mothers and their children, by providing for their most basic needs in order to help the children remain with their families. Through this programme, some 15 families could be helped every year.