• Beirut: Resilience in the Aftermath

    SOS Children’s Villages is assessing the needs in Beirut, Lebanon to help children and families regain their economic and emotional resilience.

  • Thriving Even Under Lockdown

    As lockdowns hinder education worldwide, Sahan* and his brothers adapt and thrive.

  • Learning Self-Value

    "I felt like an antisocial girl and frustrated with myself, I had doubts and sometimes I felt sad."

  • From Homelessness to Higher Learning

    "My three younger sisters and I were hungry, but not for food. We yearned for love, care and a stable family."

  • Digital Divide puts Education of Millions at Risk

    While many children have switched to online learning, the majority of children in Africa are frustrated by a lack of access.

  • A mother and daughter walk through the debris of their apartment complex

    Explosion in Beirut

    On the afternoon of Tuesday, August 4, Rula*, a mother of three, was at home with her children when the two violent explosions hit the capital of Lebanon, Beirut.

  • A profile photo of Nurse Kamala

    Former Street Child Becomes a Nurse

    As a three-year-old, Kamala lived on the street in Kathmandu. Today, at the age of 27, she works as a nurse in the SOS Children's Village Sanothimi in Kathmandu.

  • Anastasia with her children in a temporary shelter.

    Finding Peace in a Warzone

    "I feel confident. My children have a home. They feel safe." After months of despair and uncertainty, Anastasia finally relaxed.

  • Alex at school

    Special Care and Therapy for a Boy in Venezuela

    Today, little Alex* (4) walks and communicates with his loved ones, but if he hadn’t been treated in time he would’ve suffered the long-term consequences of an undiagnosed condition.

  • Tia getting water with her younger brother.

    COVID-19: Tia's Life Under Lockdown in Mozambique

    "My greatest worry is losing my family members to the infection. I am worried that if my mother caught the virus and died, we would be orphaned."


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