• Young girl smiling

    A Loving SOS Mother and Good Health Care Help a Little Girl in Morocco

    The dedication of a loving SOS mother and access to good health care help a little girl in Morocco become herself again.

  • Attentive girl in class

    Grace's Story: Second Chance for an Education

    Grace* shares her story of how SOS Children's Villages gave her the chance to pursue an education.

  • Girl at computer in SOS computer lab

    World Leaders Unite to Boost Youth Employment

    SOS Children’s Villages International is joining world leaders today at the UN in New York to launch a new partnership that aims to get every young person into quality education, training or employment by 2030.

  • Young mother with siblings at home in Ondangwa, Namibia.

    Cornelia's Story: Caring for her siblings and son

    Cornelia is a single mother of one son and the caregiver for her two siblings, Simon and Hilma. When Cornelia was just 17, her mother passed away, leaving her with the responsibility of caring for her two siblings.

  • Widow with her six children in Ondangwa, Namibia

    Selma Shares her Success

    Selma is only 37-years-old and she is already a single mother and caregiver to six children of her own, plus a grandchild. She approached the SOS Family Strengthening team in Ondangwa, Namibia, for help. 

  • Mother and children part of the Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia

    Bringing Hope to a Remote Shantytown

    In a shantytown in northern Namibia, the SOS Family Strengthening Program is bringing new skills and opportunities to vulnerable women and children.

  • Mother with child in the SOS Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia

    Ella and her Family’s Journey to a Better Life

    The SOS Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia, is empowering vulnerable women like Ella so they can build a better life for their children.

  • Young house painter participating in YouthCan! Brazil

    Empowering Youth Through Skills and Opportunities

    Finding a job and decent employment is a serious challenge for young people across the globe. Close to 70 million young people are unemployed and 145 million are trapped in working poverty.

  • SOS mother with her two sons in Nigeria

    Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Once upon a time, there lived a bad tempered king. He never laughed and didn’t let anyone in the kingdom laugh. One day, a little boy could not control his laughter.

  • SOS mother with her daughter and stuffed jaguar in Senegal

    The Cat Got Her Tongue

    Just like in every family, children like to play tricks on their parents once in a while and SOS families in Senegal are no exception.


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