• SOS Mother Malani

    A Mother Like No Other - SOS Mother Malani

    “I’m really happy, and I like to face all of the challenges and find solutions. I cannot express in words what it means to be an SOS mother."

  • Mama Sarah with her daughter Achen

    Life as an SOS Mother

    Q and A with Mama Sarah, an SOS mother from SOS Children’s Village, Gulu in northern Uganda. In this conversation she reflects on her role, challenges and triumphs.

  • SOS mother Fidaa from SOS Children's Village Bethlehem

    A Mother Like No Other - SOS Mother Fidaa

    “I believe education is a cornerstone to help children overcome their challenges,” Fidaa, SOS mother, SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem

  • SOS mother Zelia with her son Edricio

    Love Secures One Child’s Future

    Every time SOS mother Zelia looks through the window to watch her children playing in the front yard, she can hardly believe the change in Edricio

  • Poverty in India is causing harm to children and families

    Poverty in India: Facts and Figures on the Daily Struggle for Survival

    Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty living on less than $2 a day.  This makes the Indian subcontinent one of the poorest countries in the world; women and children, the weakest members of Indian society, suffer most.

  • Lungile sewing jeans

    For a Mother and Her Children, Hope Restored

    “I never knew the meaning of hardship until my husband passed away,” says Lungile, a single mother who lives in Malagwane, Swaziland

  • Children using computers in the new Digital House in Tunisia

    SOS Tunisia Inaugurates its Digital House

    The Digital House will introduce children to technology as an essential learning tool for a digital era where the speed and breadth of knowledge is increasing

  • Tharushi

    Tharushi is a Bundle of Joy

    "I am 7-years-old and I am studying in grade one. I love to go to school because I have so many friends there."

  • SOS mother Penny with Pius, Veila and Tulela

    Siblings Find Love After Abuse and Neglect

    Tulela and her siblings were birthed to a single mother who had an alcohol problem. She would leave the three children all by themselves with nothing to eat.

  • Rohingya child refugee eating a food ration

    Child Care Spaces for Rohingya Refugee Children

    Starting in March 2018, SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh opened five child care spaces to help Rohingya children at one of several refugee camps in the Cox’s Bazar district.


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