• Family in Ukraine

    Strengthening Families Affected by Conflict in Ukraine

    The life of the six-member Skotarenko family was seriously affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region.

  • Child playing in the SOS Village in Leon, Nicaragua

    Evacuation of an SOS Village in Nicaragua Due to Unrest

    Nicaragua has experienced social unrest and mass protests since mid-April. To keep children and staff at SOS Children’s Village Juigalpa safe, the decision was taken to move them to a more secure location

  • Students outside the rebuilt school in Hargeisa, Somaliland

    School Rebuilt in Somaliland

    Not since before the civil war started in Somaliland in 1988 has the 31st of May school been as buzzing with life as it is today.

  • Hasnaa with the coach of the Moroccan male national football team Hervé Renard

    Hasnaa’s Story: Living a Childhood Dream

    Since her early childhood, Hasnaa developed a real passion for sports and especially for  soccer. At age nine, she started playing soccer with the boys.

  • Child labour in India

    Child Labour in India

    In India, there are around 12.9 million Indian children engaged in work between the ages of 7 to 17 years old. When children are employed or doing unpaid work, they are less likely to attend school

  • SOS mother and son embracing

    ‘I Will Make This Child Survive’

    When SOS mother Jharna first cast her eyes on the little boy, she was shocked. The child had been found earlier, unconscious and listless but still alive, amidst garbage in a  city outside Delhi, India’s capital

  • SOS Children's Villages Logo

    Statement on the Separation of Children at U.S.-Mexico Border

    Statement from SOS Children’s Villages International CEO Norbert Meder on the separation of children at U.S.-Mexico border

  • Boy with soccer ball

    A Dream Come True

    "When I needed your encouragement you gave it to me, now you will have mine. Boys, you have to enter the field and show your talent. I have faith in you, Paolo, Cuevas, Farfán. Let's go Peru!” he says in the video.

  • Boy sitting outside of a tent in the refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece

    Addressing Urgent Needs of Refugee Girls and Boys in Greece

    The need for help is overwhelming in Greece and in Athens, where one-third of the more than 50,000 refugees live.

  • Rakan Zahda SOS alumni and aspiring human rights lawyer

    An Aspiring Human Rights Lawyer Credits the ‘Angel’ in his Life

    In his family at the SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem in Palestine, Rakan Zahda found the person who helped make him the successful and ambitious young man he is today – his SOS mother


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