• Twin siblings with their SOS mother

    Staying Together in Care

    When twin brother and sister Naol* and Beki* arrive home from kindergarten, their SOS mother wraps her arms around them in a big hug.

  • Ala'a Fataftah

    Becoming Better Mothers

    At the SOS Family Strengthening Program in Bethlehem, Palestine, a group of single mothers learn an unorthodox approach to improving communication with their children.

  • Albertine smiling.

    Stability, Love, and a Happy Childhood

    Albertine* was born into a family where her parents suffered from addiction and couldn’t adequately provide for her.

  • Akpena in class

    Perseverance and Hope in Ondangwa

    Akpena* is working hard to make her dreams a reality. As the eldest child in her family, she aspires to succeed in preventing her four siblings from experiencing the hardship she has endured.

  • Debtera*

    Home Away From Home

    How an SOS project in Ethiopia is improving the lives of vulnerable children and the surrounding community.

  • Madougou Mamoudou, Head of Emergency Response for West and Central Africa Region

    Forgotten Emergencies: What the News Doesn't Cover

    Violence, displacement, and deteriorating humanitarian conditions raise the risks of family separation and abuse of girls and boys, explains Madougou Mamoudou.

  • Working together for child protection

    Reflecting on Child Protection Awareness Week 2019

    In March, SOS Children’s Villages Canada organized the second annual Child Protection Awareness Week (CPAW). The yearly event raises awareness of the needs and rights of the world’s most vulnerable children — those who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care.

  • Family struggling after Cyclone Idai

    Catastrophic: The Aftermath of Cyclone Idai

    In the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Idai, SOS Children’s Villages is assessing the needs of children and families in our programs and in the wider community.

  • SOS Canada at 50: Maria's Story

    An estimated 12.7 million Canadians volunteer their time, skills and support to causes that matter to them, creating a ripple effect of giving and impact across communities.

  • Dr. Arif

    SOS Success Stories: Dr. Arif

    Lured into a car with a promise of toys and chocolates, three-year-old Mohammad Ariful Haque was kidnapped by men who planned to take him from his village in Bangladesh to Dubai.


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