• Mother with child in the SOS Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia

    Ella and her Family’s Journey to a Better Life

    The SOS Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia, is empowering vulnerable women like Ella so they can build a better life for their children.

  • Young house painter participating in YouthCan! Brazil

    Empowering Youth Through Skills and Opportunities

    Finding a job and decent employment is a serious challenge for young people across the globe. Close to 70 million young people are unemployed and 145 million are trapped in working poverty.

  • SOS mother with her two sons in Nigeria

    Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Once upon a time, there lived a bad tempered king. He never laughed and didn’t let anyone in the kingdom laugh. One day, a little boy could not control his laughter.

  • SOS mother with her daughter and stuffed jaguar in Senegal

    The Cat Got Her Tongue

    Just like in every family, children like to play tricks on their parents once in a while and SOS families in Senegal are no exception.

  • Girl sitting in front of tent at summer camp in Belarus

    Where Fun, Imagination and Hard Work Come Together

    Forest Camp, the summer camp of SOS Children's Village Borovljany, Belarus, has one very important rule: You always need to be the best version of yourself!

  • SOS Children's Villages home for babies in Athens, Greece

    SOS to Help Families Affected by Greek Forest Fires

    SOS Children’s Villages Greece is mobilising help for children and adults in communities that were devastated by forest fires earlier this week.

  • Girl in school uniform in India

    Giving Girls Access to Education in India

    There are over 447 million children under the age of 18 living in India. In spite of the economic boom in India, poverty remains widespread and around half of all children continue to face extreme hardship.

  • Aunty's Kitchen

    Aunty's Kitchen In Support of SOS Children's Villages Canada

    Recognizing that education and skill development are invaluable tools for combatting unemployment, Aunty’s Kitchen in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Canada is working to help marginalized youth living in Pakistan

  • Children in Khouloun, Mali

    Mali Conflict: The Situation for Children and Families

    High rates of poverty, along with political instability and armed conflict in Mali, have severely jeopardized the health and safety of families and children.

  • SOS mother Shine

    Building an Individual Relationship with Each Child

    SOS mother Patience Shine Ohene speaks about her dedication to supporting vulnerable children in Ghana with SOS Children’s Villages.


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