• Nduku skipping rope.

    Being Kids Again

    A large number of children in Kenya are living in child-headed households. Government statistics from 2016 put the number in the tens of thousands.

  • Assanatou and her daughters.

    Surviving Single Motherhood in Cameroon

    “Coming back to square one after losing a husband, with no one to support you or the children, is tough.”

  • Ana* smiles for the camera

    COVID-19: Life During Lockdown

    Ana*, who is part of our SOS Family Strengthening Program share’s how her life has been impacted and how her family survives through COVID-19.

  • Lati* studying.

    COVID-19: Children Keeping Busy at SOS Ethiopia

    Children at SOS Children’s Villages in Ethiopia share how they are coping with COVID-19 and keeping busy while schools are closed.

  • Amanda and her Family

    COVID-19: Family Life Upended in Peru

    The spread of COVID-19 is affecting vulnerable families in many different ways, including the loss of livelihoods, food insecurity and disruptions to schooling.

  • A child puts a protective mask on her toy.

    COVID-19: Joining Forces to Protect Vulnerable Children

    Read the open letter to leaders that outlines recommendations and measures needed to better protect children.

  • SOS mothers Salam and Chandra at the Helmut Kutin awards.

    SOS Mothers Honoured for Courage and Commitment

    Imagine raising children in a war zone and being forced to evacuate your home, not once but twice. Imagine raising 35 children over a span of 40 years.

  • COVID-19: Children are at risk

    COVID-19: SOS is Responding to the Global Pandemic

    COVID-19 threatens children’s rights in countries around the world and exposes them to disruption to their basic needs like food, personal protection, healthcare and education. This is why SOS is urgently taking preventive and response measures to support children and families in need.

  • SOS mother Phoebe helps her youngest put on a protective mask

    COVID-19: Parenting and Responding in Zambia

    With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving every day, our programs and staff are constantly adapting and working to protect some of our most vulnerable members of society.

  • Chandra standing in front of her SOS home.

    Retiring After 40 Years of Compassion in Nepal

    “I feel she’s my real mother. I never thought my mother was not there. She means everything to me.”


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