• Helping children in Pakistan

    The Funny Side of Life

    One thing that makes our lives more enjoyable is humour. Laughing, being silly and telling jokes are all part of a happy and healthy childhood. SOS mothers often use humour to create a happy atmosphere for the children in their care.

  • Woman getting water from water tank with SOS Nepal logo

    Relief and Resilience in the Nepal Earthquake Emergency Response

    “SOS Children’s Villages has been working in Nepal for the past six decades, but the aftermath of the earthquake was the first time I saw the enthusiasm with which the entire SOS family reached out

  • SOS Children's Villages in Luhanska, Ukraine

    Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine

    The humanitarian situation in Ukraine remains critical as an estimated 3.4 million people are in need of urgent assistance and protection, with over two million affected children and women.

  • Daughter sewing with her SOS mother

    Thary has Flown the Nest but Remains Close to her Family

    Many years of civil war in Cambodia destroyed almost all of the country’s infrastructure and harmed countless people’s lives, including Thary’s family in Battambang, long before her birth.

  • Family in Ukraine

    Strengthening Families Affected by Conflict in Ukraine

    The life of the six-member Skotarenko family was seriously affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region.

  • Child playing in the SOS Village in Leon, Nicaragua

    Evacuation of an SOS Village in Nicaragua Due to Unrest

    Nicaragua has experienced social unrest and mass protests since mid-April. To keep children and staff at SOS Children’s Village Juigalpa safe, the decision was taken to move them to a more secure location

  • Students outside the rebuilt school in Hargeisa, Somaliland

    School Rebuilt in Somaliland

    Not since before the civil war started in Somaliland in 1988 has the 31st of May school been as buzzing with life as it is today.

  • Hasnaa with the coach of the Moroccan male national football team Hervé Renard

    Hasnaa’s Story: Living a Childhood Dream

    Since her early childhood, Hasnaa developed a real passion for sports and especially for  soccer. At age nine, she started playing soccer with the boys.

  • Child labour in India

    Child Labour in India

    In India, there are around 12.9 million Indian children engaged in work between the ages of 7 to 17 years old. When children are employed or doing unpaid work, they are less likely to attend school

  • SOS mother and son embracing

    ‘I Will Make This Child Survive’

    When SOS mother Jharna first cast her eyes on the little boy, she was shocked. The child had been found earlier, unconscious and listless but still alive, amidst garbage in a  city outside Delhi, India’s capital


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