SOS Children's Village Kayonza

SOS Children's Village Kayonza has been built on a plot of land of about four-and-half hectares.

It comprises twelve family houses to take in 120 children. In addition to the family houses, there is an administration building, a multi-purpose room, a village director's house and a house for the SOS aunts (SOS mothers in training or family helpers supporting SOS mothers).

SOS Children's Village Kayonza also has a kindergarten and a primary school. Both are on the premises of the village and have been operational since the opening of the SOS Children’s Village.

The kindergarten consists of three classrooms with a capacity to serve 75 children. The kindergarten also has an administration room, multi-purpose rooms, a half-covered Porch and a playground. Up to 210 children attend classes at the Hermann Gmeiner Primary School, which has six classrooms, administrative rooms, a canteen and other multi-purpose rooms.

Both children from the SOS Children's Village and from the neighbouring communities attend both schools.

An SOS Medical Centre has been established with the aim of providing medical care and informing local people about prevention. The centre has one consultation room, one for medical treatment, two isolation rooms, one anaesthetic room, a laboratory, a pharmacy, a sterilisation room and offices for the social workers and administration staff.

Initiated by the national office of SOS Children's Villages Rwanda, an SOS Social Centre helps people in the city of Kayonza and the neighbourhood in strengthening the families fighting poverty. The centre offers counselling to parents on raising and the educating children, nutrition, health and career guidance.

Given that the goal is about working within the community and having the locals participate, this program is run in co-operation with the local authorities.