SOS Children's Village Dakar

SOS Children's Village Dakar was built in the suburbs of the metropolis Dakar and is about ten kilometres from the centre of town. The 15 family houses, which can accommodate up to 150 children, were built around a baobab tree that is in the middle of the SOS Children's Village. The village has an administration building, a village director's house and flats for employees.
An SOS Kindergarten was also opened at the same time as the SOS Children's Village in July 1977 and is located on the same site. It was built for preschool children and for children from the SOS Children's Village as well as from the neighbourhood. It has five classrooms and has a capacity of 150 children.

In 1995, an SOS Youth Facility was also built on the site, within the context of the programme to integrate the children into society and working life, which is intended to encourage the young people to become independent. The facility has a house with three flats: one for the facility director's office, one for the caregivers and one for the young people. The youth facility offers space for up to 150 young people and makes it easier for them to become independent. They have the use of four bedrooms, a communal kitchen and a lounge, which is also used as a dining room.