SOS Children's Village Tambacounda

The city of Tambacounda is situated about 500 kilometres east of Dakar and is the provincial capital of the region of the same name.

The region is embedded between the borders with Mauritania, Mali, The Gambia and Guinea and distinguishes itself through the diversity of people having settled there throughout the past centuries (Mandinka, Bamabara, Bassari).

This region suffers from its remote location, notably due to the absence of suitable transport infrastructures, which is a real obstacle to the growth of industry and trade, both - until up to this day - remaining in a very early stage.

The rather young population, mainly rural (living off agriculture and livestock farming) is spread throughout a region which is not only the biggest, but also the poorest of the country.

SOS Children's Village Tambacounda is located in the outskirts. It comprises fifteen family houses, the director's house and administrative buildings. The village can take in up to 150 children.

On the village grounds, there also is an SOS Kindergarten, which is not only open to children from the SOS Children's Village, but also to children from the neighbourhood. It has four classrooms and a canteen and can take in and care for about 160 children.

An SOS Social Centre was opened on the site of the SOS Children's Village with the aim of offering help to the people in the city of Tambacounda and its neighbourhood. In addition to social, medical and financial aid for children, the centre offers counselling on child education and career guidance for parents. Created with the aim in mind of strengthening families against poverty, this programme is run in co-operation with the local authorities.