SOS Children's Village Mamelodi (> Pretoria)

Mamelodi is situated in the country's north-east, about 30 kilometres east of Pretoria, the executive capital of South Africa. The township Mamelodi was established in 1953, and its name means "mother of melodies". The SOS Children's Village has been operational since 1987 and meanwhile has been extended several times.

SOS Children's Village Mamelodi comprises fifteen family houses, houses for the village director and the SOS aunts (who support the SOS mothers and take care of the children when the mothers are on leave), and an administration and service area. Up to 150 children can find a new home in the fifteen family houses and are lovingly cared for by their SOS mothers.

The SOS Kindergarten on the same premises has a capacity to take in up to 100 children and consists of four group rooms and a playground. Children from both the SOS Children's Village and the local community are admitted to the SOS Kindergarten.

In order to meet the needs of the growing number of youths who had outgrown the SOS Children's Village, an SOS Youth Facility was established in 1991, where up to 60 youths can stay during higher education or further training and prepare themselves for an independent life.

The SOS Social Centre co-ordinates a training centre and an HIV/AIDS community-based child care and support programme. The training centre has been operational since 1993 and offers courses in information technology and dressmaking to up to 2,000 people a year.

Since 2002, HIV/AIDS affected families have been receiving material and medical support, education and counselling and are supported with income generating activities. Besides, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns are organised.