SOS Children's Village Jorpati

SOS Children's Village Jorpati was set up as a home for physically and mentally challenged children. SOS Children's Village school in Jorpati, NepalIts official opening took place in January 1982 in the presence of Hermann Gmeiner, then president of SOS-Kinderdorf International. Jorpati is located on the outskirts of the capital, Kathmandu, not far from SOS Children's Village Sanothimi.

This project is run in co-operation with the Nepal Disabled and Blind Association. Near the SOS Children's Village, there is an organization called Kaghenda New Life Centre. They are specialists at treating physically and mentally challenged people. The children from the SOS Children's Village are treated and taught there as well. SOS Children's Village Jorpati consists of five family houses and another building with an office, the village director's apartment and a therapy room with a small pool for physical therapy. The houses were specially designed to meet the requirements of physically challenged children. They were built next to each other around a central courtyard. Special classes for mentally challenged children are held at the SOS Children's Village.

Some of the older boys from the SOS Children's Village live at the SOS Youth Facility which is situated in Kathmandu's inner city and consists of a rented house with four flats 12 boys. In 2005, a youth facility for girls was set up in the inner city as well.