SOS Children's Village Lumbini

Due to conflicts in the country and the deteriorating socio-economic situation, the number of orphans, abandoned and vulnerable children is on the rise. SOS Children's Villages Nepal is under a lot of pressure to admit as many children in need as possible but its capacity is limited. Therefore a proposal to build a new SOS Children's Village in the west of the country was submitted. The location was chosen because of the large number of displaced mothers and children in this area. Many people have moved to the towns of Butawal and Bhairahawa in search of work and a better life. The new SOS Children's Village is being constructed on a piece of land near Gautam Buddha Airport about 3km west of Bhairahawa.

The village is situated in a residential area that is gradually expanding from Bhairahawa town towards the airport. It is well integrated in the community and the necessary infrastructure is close by. The children can, for example, attend schools in Bhairahawa.

SOS Children's Village Lumbini is planned to consist of 15 family houses, the village director's house and an administration and service area. There will also be an SOS Kindergarten. The need for a family-strengthening programme in this area is great: there are 79 villages in this district, and many of the families need help in order to provide their children with basic medical care and an education. The situation is being analysed, and SOS Nepal expects to be able to support around 300 local children through family-strengthening programmes by the end of 2010.