SOS Children's Village Mogadishu

Mogadishu , the capital of Somalia, was chosen as location of the first SOS Children's Village with an adjoining SOS Kindergarten because the government had provided a plot of land there.

SOS Children's Village Mogadishu is situated about 9 km from the centre (in the Waharadde Estate). It comprises twelve family houses, a village director's house, an administration and service area, a guest house, an SOS aunts' house (SOS aunts take care of the children when the SOS mothers are on leave), a sports ground and a workshop.

The SOS Kindergarten consists of four group rooms, a kitchen, a play ground and side rooms. It accommodates 120 children from the SOS Children's Village and its neighbourhood. As soon as youths reach a certain age, they move to the SOS Youth Facility which was built in 1994.

For the youths living in an SOS Youth Facility means that the youths have a great responsibility. They live a relatively independent life and just one youth leader takes care of them. Usually, youths stay at the SOS Youth Facility for up to four years. They may stay longer, however, if they are looking for work, completing professional training or studying at a university.

The SOS Medical Centre (Mother & Child Clinic) consists of 26 sick beds, 19 treatment rooms, a maternity room, operating theatre, a pharmacy, a laboratory and a blood bank. There three gynaecologists, 18 midwifes and several nurses provide 100 patients with medical treatment each day.

An average of 14 babies is born at the clinic each day. The operating theatre is mainly used for caesarean operations but also for other operations. In order to ameliorate the pre-natal car of mothers women who are expecting a baby a specific programme was started and which is called "mother child health programme". This programme involves a regular and structured survey of preventive medical checkups, health and nutritional counselling and vaccinations. The SOS Medical Centre has a capacity of 30.000 persons per year.

The SOS Community Nursing School Mogadishu (SOS Vocational Training Centre) was established in order to provide education for SOS youths and youths from all over Somalia who wish to work as a nurse or midwife. The three-year training programme, which also includes practical training at the SOS Mother & Child Clinic, is awarded an official certificate as a qualified nurse or midwife. The SOS Vocational Training Centre is the only one of its kind in Somalia.

The original SOS Hermann Gmeiner School (HGS) was located next to SOS Medical Centre. Due to the civil war, the school compound was converted into an SOS Emergency Paediatric Unit in February 1991. Between 1991 and 1994, our children were attending informal school sessions held within the CV compound, but in 1994 a new facility for the HGS was built next to SOS Children’s Village and it was opened at the end of that year.

The HGS has all the necessary facilities for learning such as library, science laboratory, computer science, playing ground, well organised classes and staffrooms for teachers, head teachers and principal offices. In terms of quality the school is the best within Mogadishu since it is the only school which has an organised curriculum and qualified teachers.

Many students who have graduated from this school - both SOS children and the community children - have joined different universities in the world. Depending on the security situation in Mogadishu students are sent home and when the situation calms down the school operates normally.