SOS Children's Village Tahoua

SOS Children's Village Tahoua was built on a plot of approximately six hectares, which the local authorities had signed over to SOS Children's Villages.

It consists of 12 family houses where up to 120 children can find a new home. There is also an administration and service area, the house of the village director and a guest house for SOS Children's Village co-workers who are attending training workshops.

An SOS Kindergarten, which is open to children from the neighbourhood, is situated within the same compound.

The kindergarten has three classrooms, where up to 75 children can be taught, and some additional rooms.

There is an SOS Hermann Gmeiner School with six classrooms for up to 210 pupils, an administration area and a dining hall, which is also used as venue for numerous events and village activities. The school is open to children from the neighbourhood as well.

Within the SOS Children's Village compound, there is also an SOS Social Centre with a small SOS Medical Centre.

This centre provides the local population with basic healthcare and various services such as educational counselling, parental counselling and guidance on how to find a secure source of income. It also supports local prevention measures.

The social centre comprises a counselling area with offices for the social workers and an administration area. The medical centre consists of examination and treatment rooms as well as a small pharmacy. Up to 1,000 patients a month can be treated there.