SOS Children's Village Malakal

The official inauguration of the SOS Children's Village Malakal by Mr Omer El Beshir, President of Sudan, took place on 1 January 2003.

The SOS Children's Village consists of ten family houses, where up to 100 children can find a new home. There is also the village director's house, co-worker accommodation, an administration and service area, a community centre, a multi-purpose hall, a well and a “Wak” (traditional building for activities during daytime).

The SOS Youth Facility comprises two youth houses for boys with three rooms and four rooms respectively, an office, a kitchen and sanitary facility and one youth house for girls in the SOS Children’s Village with three rooms, a wide hall, kitchen, sanitary facilities and a small garden. 24 boys and girls can be accommodated in the SOS Youth Facility.

Usually, youths who reach the age of about 15, start moving into one of the three SOS Youth Houses, where they are cared for by a youth leader. Being admitted into an SOS Youth Facility means taking responsibility for oneself and is synonymous to taking a big step towards independence.

Being fully aware of this, SOS mothers, the Village Director and a psychologist prepare them carefully for that change. Usually, youths stay up to four years in an SOS Youth Facility. They may stay longer, however, if they are looking for work, completing professional training or studying at a university.